An online and offline
training record book for
future seafarers worldwide

Shipboard record of service and summary of sailing periods

Dashboard – A summary of useful information and events in the system

The digital training record book

With Webcadet and the Webcadet app, documentation and recording of on board training is done effortlessly and with quality assurance.

Shipboard record of service for the cadet

When a cadet signs on a ship, this will be the start of a shipboard record of service. Each time the cadet signs on a new ship, he/she will have to go through a vessel familiarization which must be approved by a training officer.

As the cadet receives training on board, he or she must answer related questions/tasks in Webcadet.

When all assignments related to a competence are answered, the competence becomes available for approvement from the designated officer, after which assessment can be conducted.

The sum of the cadet’s records of service will eventually constitute the total sea time which will be registered in the system. To avoid discrepancies in sea time, the ship periods will be quality assured by the shipping companies.

Approval from the training officer

For each record of service on board, the shipping company will appoint a training officer for the cadet. The training officer will have his/her own role in the system, with a personal username and password. Once a training officer is granted access to a training record book, he/she will be able to approve competence goals in the training record book (Webcadet).

Signature from the assessor

There will be a public register of assessors, which will gradually be formed as the responsible authorities (shipping companies, training offices, etc.) register their assessors into the database. The data and the necessary certificates on the assessor must be quality assured by a responsible authority (shipping companies, training offices etc.).

When a cadet is ready for assessment, he or she must provide the assessor access to his/her profile in the system. Only when this relation is established, can the assessment be conducted. There will be information below each competence on how assessment shall be done, in accordance with STCW. The assessor will test the cadet in the applicable competence , mark the type of assessment (oral/practical) and sign the competence if assessment is passed.

NOTE I: Conducting assessments in Webcadet is only available for users registered with the assessor role.

NOTE II: The system prevents assessors conducting assessments on competences he/she has approved as a training officer.

 overview book

The example shows a summary of a cadet’s progress during the training period, as well as recent activities and statistics related to the training record book.

The shipping company's role

The shipping company has the overall responsibility to ensure that the cadet’s training is conducted as planned, and in accordance with the regulations and guidelines established for on board training. This will be documented by the use of Webcadet.